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How to setup a modern workplace in 2022


A modern workplace culture embraces technology, careless about where and how employees perform their work. Instead, it creates a culture built on mutual respect, trust, and accountability to meet the rising employee expectations. Find out all about the aspects of the modern workplace in this article.

The modern workplace trend

A healthy work-life balance is a principal aspect of an excellent work environment boosting employees’ efficiency and productivity.

With the global pandemic shuttering office spaces and companies, the requirement for employees to work from home increased, and the new norm has become working remotely. In some way, the pandemic acted as a catalyst for digital transformation across all industries. Especially in 2020, many companies were required to move entire workforces to remote locations. 88% of organizations from around the world reported that they were encouraging employees to work from home. Often, this happened in a matter of days while business continuity had to be maintained.

71% of employees state that remote working has been a success.

Spending on digital transformation technologies and services in trillion U.S. dollars. *Forecast data

Nowadays, the trend goes towards a “hybrid model”, where the benefits of both remote work and work in the office are combined to give employees the greatest flexibility.

Learn more about the hybrid model

To set up such new ways of working, businesses will spend increasing budgets on digital transformation. The spending on digital transformation technologies and services is predicted to reach $2.39 in 2024.


The holistic modern workplace concept

To establish a flexible and productive modern working environment, different components have to be taken into account. It is essential to include all aspects like technology, the work 4 space itself, the people, the culture, and organizational structure and wellbeing.

Appropriate tools and procedures must be placed. Enabling employees to work in a modern way includes scaling the existing technology, deploying new technology rapidly, and distributing devices and hardware like laptops, phones, monitors, or tablets. Training sessions or workshops for employees will also be required to make sure employees can use the tools and devices provided most effectively.

From a classic to a modern workplace

Modern, flexible ways of working are replacing classic working models. The cloud is an essential part of the modern workplace. It enables people to work location-independent and facilitates remote collaboration essentially. While before documents were sent back and forth via e-mail, cloud storage allows stakeholders to share files and documents easily and even work on them simultaneously.

We accompany our customers on the way to the modern workplace, providing all necessary components: Besides hardware equipment, IT security measures, and data hosting, we supply the comprehensive collaboration tool Microsoft 365 including Microsoft Teams – for state-of-the-art collaboration in the workplace.

Modern Workplace Services


Getting ready for the change

Setting up a modern workplace requires embracing digital transformation. A change in mindset is needed in many organizations to do so. It’s important to foster a climate of openness and flexibility within the organization. Also, there is a strong need to employ staff with the ability to adapt. Traditional hierarchical models can hinder change, decision-making, and innovation. That’s why in many places organizational structures will have to change to fit the new workplace requirements.


The benefits of the modern workplace

As people work more seamlessly and securely, productivity is increasing. Productivity and connecting people in the whole organization thus lead to high employee engagement and effectiveness. Spontaneous collaboration is facilitated and creative solutions are fostered. As there is one single application, it’s easy to access information and gain insights. This kind of transparency speeds up business results, and enhances the quality of output, leading to an overall more successful organization.

Security threats increased during the COVID-19 crisis. Protecting data and devices against security breaches is crucial to staying competitive. Modern tools allow employees to access their fundamental business applications securely across different devices. The information inside or outside the organization is securely stored and shared.

In addition to these security and productivity-related benefits, IT costs and IT issues drop significantly. Also, by offering a modern, attractive workplace, people will usually be more engaged. Engaging employees, in turn, can lead to a 17% boost in productivity and a 41% decrease in employee absences.


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