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The hybrid modern workplace with Microsoft 365


Tomorrow’s workplace – a hybrid model

Several research has shown, that a hybrid model of work is preferred for the future. This means combining the best of both worlds: enabling people to combine the advantages of both remote work and work in the office seems to be a success factor of the future. The highest perceived productivity appears to be reached in a hybrid work model.

Combining the benefits

Multiple surveys have found that, for the post-COVID workplace, most employees want a hybrid model of work in which people work part-time in the office and part-time from home.”

The future challenge will be to design such hybrid workplaces in the best possible way. A workplace that helps mitigate the challenges and capture the benefits of both remote work and work in the office.

Some tasks might be better performed at home while others are more suitable in the office. Working from home leads to increased flexibility. Also, it creates quality-of-life benefits for many people:

  • less time spent commuting
  • more time spent with family
  • fewer work-related distractions
  • better focus on tasks

Whereas there is increased flexibility and better work-life balance working from home, fewer non-work distractions are experienced in the office. Also, working in the office gives the feeling of inclusion and prevents the fear of social isolation.

With the shift to such a hybrid work model, employee values have changed, and at the same time, leaders must design the office to make the commute worthwhile. They must establish the why, when, and how of the office. This includes defining the purpose of in-person collaboration, creating agreements on when to come together in person, and rethinking how space can play a supporting role.

hybrid work

Enabling flexibility and productivity with Microsoft 365

In a world where remote or hybrid work is the norm, suitable tools will be needed. Tools and technologies are necessary to enable flexibility and productivity of employees. They simplify employee experiences, support them in their creative work, and facilitate collaboration within and across teams despite their location.

Microsoft 365 with its seamlessly integrated workplace productivity apps is an important tool that supports the modern workplace concept. It provides a bundle of products that makes all essential work processes digital. Chats, calls, online meetings, collaboration in real-time, and online file storage – all this can be done with the Microsoft 365 solution and Microsoft Teams being part of the bundle. With Microsoft Teams as a digital collaboration tool, employees can easily share their insights with their teammates and work together simultaneously.

There is no need to switch from one application to another. Team members save time and effort as everyone is using unified business and productivity applications and solutions that work as one.

Work better together

Work better together with a universal, secure collaboration toolkit that gives employees flexibility. Microsoft 365 helps to master the current challenges of the modern workplace:

  • Keeping technologies up to date
  • Managing employee mobility
  • Supporting cross-organizational teamwork
  • Realizing collaboration in real-time – anytime and anywhere
  • Providing secure, seamless, and connected experiences for users
  • Protecting company data from cyber threats
  • Maximizing productivity and driving efficiency
  • Easily connect with others
  • Building a strong sense of community
  • Harnessing employees’ knowledge


Microsoft Teams – the ultimate tool for modern collaboration

collaboration with Microsoft teams

Microsoft Teams is the platform for successful teamwork. The powerful Teamwork Hub is a complete solution for smooth teamwork. All the necessary tools for productive teamwork are centrally located in one place. Teams bring together more or less everything Microsoft 365 includes, perfectly coordinated.

Complete your business tasks from anywhere: Communicate, organize and work with your team no matter where you are. With Microsoft Teams, you can chat online, work as a team and hold both internal and external meetings. Use Teams to reach agreements with colleagues, customers, and partners, to drive projects forward as a team, or to bring everyone involved up to speed.

The Office applications from Microsoft 365 can be used directly in Teams. Files created in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint can be easily edited and shared without having to leave Microsoft Teams. Since you have everything you need for daily collaboration in one tool, there is no longer any need for individual solutions. In addition, create extensive security for your data and avoid risky shadow IT.

The main features:


Microsoft Teams is ideal for getting in touch quickly with all members of your organization. Chats can be started with individuals or groups. Always follow the current course of conversation in your team chat and stay up to date. The chat room replaces or supplements internal e-mail correspondence.

Chat stands for uncomplicated exchange and unconstrained communication at the workplace. Conversations can be livened up with emojis, GIFs, or stickers. Spontaneous conversations that normally take place at the shared office workplace are also (partially) compensated for in the chat


In addition to the integrated function for audio and video calls, there is also the option of using Microsoft Teams for landline telephony. This allows your Microsoft Teams to map even more functions!

In addition, with an extended license, audio conferences can be held, to which external parties can also dial in without using Microsoft Teams. The optimal way to get in touch with external people in your organization effortlessly!


A simple click in the chat is all it takes to start an audio or video call with your colleagues. Meetings or calls can be scheduled in advance or held spontaneously. This is best for a quick exchange of ideas. Such meetings can also be held with people external to the company.

Microsoft Teams includes many useful functions for planning and organizing meetings: Thanks to the availability display, you can always see immediately who is currently available and approachable. During a (video) call itself, you have the option of conveniently sharing your screen with your conversation partners via screen sharing. This way, everyone has the same screen in front of them, which makes consultation and cooperation much easier. You can also record your online meetings in full and view them again afterward or share them with others.


Microsoft Teams as a collaboration solution is the central point for teamwork throughout the entire company. The uniform provision enables uncomplicated and company-wide exchange.

In the application, you can specifically create different teams to facilitate cooperation in definable groups and provide common content. Such teams can be created according to the organizational structure, for example. You can also create dynamic or project-based groups. All team members have access to necessary documents. Therefore, use Microsoft Teams for shared notes and joint task and project planning.

A core function is the joint creation and editing of documents in real-time. Files can be created, uploaded, and shared directly in Teams: This makes it possible to save, retrieve and share important documents and collaborate in teams even when on the move. All relevant notes, calendars, and documents are always available in one place.

With Microsoft Teams, you can see at a glance what your team colleagues are currently working on – especially helpful when you are not working together in the office.

Consulting & Workshops

Shift to Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams with us today. To obtain a smooth shift and the best possible results we offer different workshops: we analyze working methods and requirements to drive suitable, individual concepts for a more efficient and digital work base. We consult and propose solutions, and implement them together. Ask for a non-binding consultation now!

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